Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Max Factor - Flipsticks

Hi girls! Have you seen Max Factor's Flipsticks yet? As you all know I'm a lipstick obsessive so I was really excited when these arrived at Smooch a few weeks ago.

Flipsticks are dual ended lipsticks, a rich, pigmented lippy on one end and a shimmery, highlighting lipstick on the other.

Salsa Red

These are perfect if you like getting creative with your makeup and trying new looks.

Folky Pink
I loved playing with these, I tried ombre lips then mixed the shades together and finally discovered my fave look which is applying the darkest shade all over the lips and highlighting the centre of my pout with the lighter shade.

I think Flipsticks are such a fun way to mix up your lip look!

l-r Bloomy Pink, Folky Pink, Salsa Red, Gipsy Red (my fave!) and Swingy Brown

 You can pick these up for £8.49 in Superdrug and Boots

Gipsy Red

What do you think girls, are you feeling inspired to get artistic with your lip look?


PR Sample


  1. These look like so much fun! Have you tried mixing combinations from different sticks?



    1. No, but you could probably get really creative and mix with other sticks! xx

  2. Salsa red looks like a gorgeous combination. Are they easy to mix?

    1. Yes you can just blend with a finger, easy peasy! xxx

  3. wow you got so many, very jel! Will check these out next time :)

  4. Ah they look so fab, will be picking up one soon :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  5. That looks really cute I love it! =]

  6. Hmm, same sort of thing as their eye doodahs they released a while ago, I got two and wasn't wild them, I remember saying it'd be a good style for a lippy! Do want! On a spending ban though if I want to eat XD Sorry I've not commented in so long!


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